Icarus Falling is an indie rock band from Sacramento, CA, and currently comprised of Tim Lewis, Ben Fowler, and Nate Vilain. The band’s sound is a unique mix of each member’s influences and blends nicely into an infectious indie rock vibe. Tim’s catchy melodies and intricate guitar and piano playing compliment Ben’s solid bass sound and Nate’s dynamic percussion. The band’s pop and rock influences range from Bon Iver to Electric Light Orchestra to One Republic. In their songwriting they hope to bring a message for everybody to connect with and relate to. And when they perform they always bring high energy and great musicality to put on a show that draws everybody in and brings them together. Icarus Falling looks forward to releasing their debut EP in January of 2019.

Tim Lewis - Lead Vocals/ Guitar/ Piano

Tim Lewis brings some darker pop-sensibilities to the musical table and is always crafting an infectious melody to sing. He enjoys playing guitar and keys but dreams of becoming a cellist when it will be cool to do so. Lewis grew up in West Java, Indonesia, surrounded with a musical family; picture the Von Trapps but angstier. Unfortunately, said musical education did not cover any musical pop references prior to the year 2005. His primary influences are Radiohead, Coldplay, and The National, but he tends to jam to Top 40 more than he cares to admit. Lewis can be found gardening and landscaping in his free time, and is constantly on the hunt for a new British crime drama to watch on TV.

Ben Fowler - Bass

Ben Fowler hails from Fremont, CA.  He spent 4 years learning piano and 1 year on clarinet in elementary school, only to promptly unlearn most of it, before picking up bass at a performing arts camp the summer after high school.  He further honed his playing as a student and as a working man, playing in church and with friends. He is influenced by bands like the B-52s, the Beach Boys, Emery, and Linkin Park and always looks for new sounds to make and new ways to play.  With Icarus Falling, Ben hopes to share his musical loves with everyone with gusto. In his spare time, he loves reading mystery novels, trying to keep his Japanese from rusting, and finding new places to eat.


Nate Vilain - Drums/ Vocals

Nate Vilain brings a passionate and dynamic performance with his high-energy percussion style. He began playing drums and percussion in late elementary school in Pleasanton, CA and has musical backgrounds in classical, marching percussion, rock bands, and church worship music. Nate’s influences include rock bands like Switchfoot, Mutemath, and Anberlin.  After college and beginning a career, Nate realized that life is too short not to do whatever makes you feel the most alive, and for him music has a way of filling the soul like nothing else. Nate decided that any life without musical pursuits would be denying a part of himself that couldn’t and shouldn’t be silenced. So now with that passion for life, he lights up the stage at every performance. Nate is also a huge movie nerd, especially in regards to superhero movies, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.